In business, we know how important a checklist is

but why are we not using it? I can think of a few reasons:
  • I only use it once in a blue-moon;
  • The checklist will change by the time I need it again anyway;
  • I can finish what I need to do in much less time than to create a checklist first;
  • I do not get any brownie points for creating a checklist;

This checklist management system is generated by Rintagi™.

Your free renewable .NET code generation platform in the cloud that embraces Late-change-no-penalty™.


Other people may have rated templates to offer you

One-second to copy from templates or past checklists

Unlimited storage for your templates and checked lists

You are protected by the evidence of your checked lists

You may print or email your work-done to look good

Your templates can be improved by you or others over time

Share your templates with colleagues and you are hero

Share your templates with public and you are famous

Checkmin is absolutely free for you to use