How It Works

Obtain the unique company invitation code from a colleague who has already signed up to Alternatively, sign up your own company account. Don’t worry, we can merge your companies together later if evidence is provided to us.

Create a list, add an item to a list, edit the list title or group title, edit the description of an item, check off an item as done, and reorder the items in the list. A progress bar is there to show you if the list has been completed. It may turn out this is really all you need to do. Feel free to print it afterward to keep a paper trail, although it is always there for you until you delete it. No one else has the right to make modification to anything yours and they do not get to see them unless you decide to share it. System administrator only does that for you if obscene language is found if and when shared with the public.

Do a quick search for see if others in the public or your company have a close-enough checklist you have in mind.

Pick the one created by someone you know or which has a higher rating.

Try a few before customizing one you like or creating one from scratch.

Many checklists do not need to be done in order. You can do the things you’re supposed to do in any random sequence. It really depends on your situation.

There is no universal approach to creating checklists so try out some of you own ideas and see what works for you.

If you like what you see, tell others to come and join you, especially your colleagues.

If you don’t like what you see, tell us first so we can address your issue to hopefully make you happy again.