Robocoder Corporation

Robocoder Corporation is a unique provider of state-of-the-art process automation solutions and tools to many industries, including the global structured-finance, energy, logistic industries. Our patented software development cloud platform Rintagi™ is renewable and the applications it generates are easy to change.

Since 1999, Robocoder has been heavily investing in research and development for the best tool to develop and maintain mission-critical enterprise software applications, while offering proven off-the-shelf and tailored solutions to the market.

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We specialize in streamlining business process management. Rintagi™ is an easy to use software code generation platform that is designed to allow less experienced developers to do a senior job and experience developers to complete their tasks faster. It reduces risk by providing you with the solutions you want fast and allow numerous late changes without penalties.

Most recent success story is RWIM™ which was constructed in record time. In less than two (2) man months, it was completed to handle warehousing and inventory functions for four (4) warehouses spanning 150,000 square feet of space. Not only does it contains all the reference rules unique to the warehouse operations and able to convert unit of measure automatically from one to another, it allows the warehouses' customers to manage their own inventory securely over the Internet. RWIM™ essentially turns these warehouses into fully automated warehouse operations for their customers.

Another success story is GSXchange™ which allow less experienced personnel to perform senior tasks in securitization. It reduces risk by providing you with the ability to quickly select the assets for a tranche, complete due diligence, control your funding process, audit at all levels, and maintain transparency within the underlying assets. It is currently managing billions of dollars of assets for major insurance companies and banks in Canada.

Yet another success story is StakeTracker™, a Stakeholder Management Software solution. This application allows its users to assume many different roles with different permissions and connections, and everyone can plan, document, evaluate and record their many interactions and responsibilities. Plus, since it is available in the internet cloud as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), every user can access it anytime they need to from any location. Many energy giants are currently customers to this application.

We have made all these possible by using innovation in development methodology and applications. Rintagi™ is the company's unique and patented agile renewable development platform that enables software developers to customize and manage complex enterprise software applications naturally based on metadata. Applications developed by our patented technology are easy to maintain and adapt to changing business requirements via the continuous regeneration of fully tested and optimized codes.

Robocoder Corporation is a privately-held software company with its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its products and services are marketed globally through a direct sales force and consulting partners.